About the site GoToShop

We are glad to see you on our popular website Promotions and Discounts at Lithuanian Supermarkets! Here were collected the best promotional offers of cities and regions of Lithuania and all useful information about existing discounts in well-known retail chains.

Daily purchases and searches for an inexpensive product take a lot of time, so we took care of collecting the most up-to-date information on sales of the city and placed it on one Internet resource. Saving on daily expenses in the supermarket will help save a lot of money and, for example, use them on other useful purchases.

Reducing the prices of goods, supermarkets and representatives of trading companies pursue a quite logical goal - attract as many buyers as possible. Having arrived at the store, few people go home empty-handed, and in addition to promotional items, other necessary products are also placed in the consumer basket.

The myth that during promotions and sales there is a sale of low-quality goods or products with a small remaining service life does not correspond to reality. No trading company will risk the won image, succumbing to a one-day share and significant discounts. Large and small businesses compete for each customer and try to stimulate sales with the help of thrifty sales of high-quality goods.

In addition, such events are often arranged for the presentation of a completely new product, with which the manufacturer wants to immediately win a part of the market. An unknown brand in just one day declares itself to a huge number of potential buyers, from which both are the winners.

All information collected on the site will be useful not only for economical hostesses, but also for the rest of the audience of practical people. Believe me, our work will be fully appreciated when you find what you were looking for on the site.

Note: the image of the product in the picture may differ from existing products in supermarkets. It is important to know that retail chains reserve the right to apply promotional discounts and sales not in all stores.