• On the publication of materials on the site are taken stores (retailers), which is present in the range of only allowed products legislation.

  • To add a new store you must register, then add the store where absolutely necessary to upload logo and add address and select category (Products, Electronics and appliances, Cosmetics and household chemicals and so on). After this procedure, the store goes to moderation.

  • Exceptionally the employees of stores (marketing specialists, managers on an advertisement etc.) can add stores. If you just want to inform us about a missing company on our web-site, then write to us here.

  • The reasons why the store can be denied:

    1. Sale prohibited of goods as well as goods sex character.

    2. Inconsistency loaded logo reality.

    3. Publication false information, such as a false address.

  • After confirmation of the store, you can publish ads.

  • If the store will stay on the site for over a month without a ads, it automatically deactivated .

  • Basic requirements and recommendations for the publication of materials on the website:

    1. In the picture should be depicted item, old and new price or percentage of discount.

    2. We recommend placing one product on one picture.

    3. All necessary information about the campaign should be placed on the images. Do not try to write this info on ads name.

    4. Group published materials (goods pictures) into one ad or more, for example, over a period of ad. When you load a large number of ads (ie a single product - a separate ad), the administration reserves the right to reject such publications.

  • Weekly ads will be rejected in the event of failure of the first requirements.

  • The management reserves the right to remove any ads and stores without explanation.

  • Мы можем удалять отзывы, а также блокировать пользователей на некоторе время в случае, если в отзывах содержится:

    1. Нецензурная лексика или оскорбления.

    2. Разжигание межнациональных и межрелигиозных конфликтов.

    3. Реклама или спам.

  • Если хотите уточнить причину блокировки, то напишите нам здесь.